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6-EAPB online is a well-known and commonly used 6-APB analogue. The medication is characterized by an ethyl category, which is added to the amine. Unfortunately, researchers know little about its toxicological and physiological properties. Its structure is related to MDMA and 6-APB. Today it is referred as a stimulant that works like ecstasy or amphetamines. Along with main effects and bonuses to some categories of patients, 6-EAPB also brings risks.

Buy 6-EAPB drugs online

When customers buy 6-EAPB (that was prescribed by a physician) and take it according to provided recommendations, they feel really up and energetic, chatty and alert. One can also experience panic attacks, aggression, anxiety, paranoid feelings, confused states, psychosis or agitation. A comedown lasts for several days and is accompanied with feelings of depressed mood. Along with the so-called emotional effects, people get other ones –physical:

Fast heart beat;
Raised body temperature;
Tingling feelings;
Jaw muscles tightening.
6-EAPB for sale is suggested as a crystal solid. It can also be marketed as Benzo Fury. The latter one is sold as colored pallets or pills, colored capsules or brown/white powder. When sold as Benzo Fury, 6-EAPB is either shorted in lines or swallowed. When one decides to buy 6-EAPB online in a powder version, it must be rolled up in a cigarette paper and then swallowed. For a long-term storage of the drug it is suggested to store it as supplied. An appropriate temperature is -20?C. A stock solution is made by dissolving 6-EAPB in an organic solvent like dimethyl or ethanol. Its solubility in DMSO is 25mg/ml, in ethanol – 10 mg/ml. Its solubility on PBS, pH 7.2 is identical to that of ethanol. It is forbidden to store the aqueous solution longer than a day.


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